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Koishite Akuma

Unexpected! I fall in love to Nakayama Yuma in Koishite Akuma :D

Yeah, I still rehat in home caused my GERD so I watched Koishite Akuma to kill my time, and I really love it! Really unexpected! I love Nakajima Kento character, he is funny and Yuma really cute as a vampire which can't bite human XD

Beside Koishite Akuma, I watched Buzzer Beat also. Love Naoki reaction to Riko in the end of episode 7. After many scene, finally Naoki express his feeling strongly. Wonder whether they will be together as there are coach and Natsuki between them

This is like useless entry but i'm happy found out my new interest...


Halo Everybody! Finally I have time to update this journal. I should change the title of this journal coz rarely update this journal :(

I've been sick for the last 3 months. I got chronic gastritis and GERD. I'm not going to office for a month. Really awfull but Thank God, my Boss can understand my condition. Today also not going to office coz bad nausea in the morning. I have to be careful with my food. No chocolate, tea, coffee, tomato and every food related to tomato, garlic, onion, mint flavoring and of course spicy and citrus thing are the most food I have to avoid to.

In this 3 months, I still open LJ but sometimes not read all post coz I can't sit in front of computer too long, that make my stomach uncomfortable. But I'm glad read today LJ that Tegomass will have a new single. I miss them so much...

I just saw their PV, they really suit surrounded by kids :D


As I mentioned on previous journal, herewith photos in Phuket

This is the picture of Khai Island. The beach full with corals so if you swim here be careful

On the journey to James Bond Islands, I toke the picture of this view. That rock seems like animal, is it?

This is a view of Karon beach, Kata beach which I take from top of hill

And this is James Bond Island. They named James Bond Islands caused James bond movie have been take a shoot in this place before. I don't know which James bonds movie.

I'm really-really love the beach and the food in Phuket

Speaking of the food, my friend told me that Thailand is famous with jackfruit chips so I tried to looking for jackfruit chips in one of Phuket super market before go back to my country and bought them for my family and friends. The taste of chips is really delicious, very crispy and sweet.


My last update was 33 weeks ago, it's really a long day. Yeah, I've been very busy in office that make me no time to update this entry but today it's okay coz today is my first day in office after holiday

I just came back yesterday and very glad that i can stay away from office and my boss for one week coz I spent my holiday in Phuket. I love this place. Beauty Phuket beach really make me want to stay longer than one week.

when I talked to local person about tour to James bond Islands, local people said that this month is low season in Phuket. How come? Low season but I saw everywhere are tourist. They are coming from Australian, German, European, Hongkong, Japan, China but rarely see Korean people. I can imagine if high season in there. It will be very crowded

I may upload one of my photo in Phuket next time. I have to back to work now...

19 Memories

Never expected that I will fall in love into this song! 
2 reason why i downloaded this song :

1. Jin has mentioned ( on cartoon Kattun, I think) that his Mom love Kato Miliyah'songs but I didnt  remember the title of the song. 

2. I'm curious about her music after listen Tribute Celine Dion Album 

This is really nice song, even though I dont understand the meaning of this song ^^


Chinese New Year

To everyone who celebrate it


Good or Bad Boss

If you become boss one company, Which attitude you would choose

You become a boss who respected by workers caused your wisdom, your kindness and can lead a whole company in a good way or become a boss who success in reach a goal and get huge profit but dislike by workers caused you are cruel?

Normally people will choose the first sentence, right? It sounds perfect but in real life such as perfect thing is difficult to find. What would you do when you didn't like your boss but have to stay in his company caused you need salary for life? Ah, it's really troublesome...

However, today i read masuda_takahits  posted on Kattunlove about Koki's Jweb. His reply to Nakamaru made me really warm, at least can blown out a little bit of my troublesome of above question. Thanks for the post Ryoko! 

Last day in 2007

Today is the last day in 2007 but i'm still working in my office :(

This year was passed very quickly ne? I wonder how people feel about their last day in 2007. Sad? Happy? Or feel nothing? I'm the one who feel nothing special ^^ but i feel awful when think that I'll be older in 2008... 

You see...  Time will never wait us therefore we have to use our time wisely. 




Someone sent me email fulfill with wise words about friends and  made me miss my best friend so much.  She moved to other town with her husband after marriage and from that day, we rarely meet.  We just talked on the phone or email when need to chit - chat.  I may have many friends but not able to find best friend like her again...

Miso Soup acoustic Version

I can't  ignore this performance so I decided to upload Tegomas  Miso Soup performance  on Shonen club Premium 20071021 in acoustic version. 


Miso soup -Tegomass 20071021 SCP.avi  ( 26.57 MB )

credit : windjp

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